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Frame Braces

These rear suspension reinforcement brackets connect the lower control arm front mount to the rear crossmember. In high horsepower applications, stick shift cars, trans brake equipped cars, the lower control arm mounts can be literally ripped off the frame as well as cracking and/or breaking the upper crossmember. The solution to this potential problem is to add a set of these braces. The bolt in design makes installation easy. No cutting or welding is required.

DescriptionPhotosItem NumberPriceQuantity 
64-67 Frame Braces
Fit all 64-67 models

Click here for photo 18-108 89.95
68-72 Frame Braces
Fits all 68-72 models. Correct reproduction of the braces originally used on 70 W-31, 70-72 4-4-2 (including W-30).

Click here for photo 18-146 89.95
Oldsmobile Cutlass and Olds 442 Rear Crossmember Frame Braces.