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Rear Axle Control Arm Bushings & Bolts

Original type bushings. As with the front control arm bushings, we have found rubber bushings to be the better choice for the vast majority of street applications. Sold per pair of bushings. One kit required per arm.

DescriptionPhotosItem NumberPriceQuantity 
64 Upper control arm bushings
64 Upper. Sold per arm. 2 kits required per car.

02-222 45.49
64 Lower control arm bushings
64 Lower. Sold per arm. 2 kits req. per car.

02-090 38.95
65-77 Cont. arm bushings
65-77 Upper (or) lower. Sold per arm. 4 kits req. per car.

02-090 38.95
Rear Control Arm Bolt Kit
Proper grade 8 bolts and correct style lock nut kit for rear control arms. Complete 16 piece kit does all four control arms. Fits all 1964-1972 applications.

Click here for photo 54-140 59.95
Oldsmobile Cutlass Olds 442 Rear Suspension Control Arm Bushing