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350-455 Valve Rotator Eliminator Kit

Item #: 18-152

While we like the idea of valve rotators on daily driven, street type applications, but for performance oriented applications a conventional spring retainer is much more desirable. With no machining required, our new kit will put the springs at the factory installed height. Keep in mind, valve job(s) will of course change this dimension, so our spring shim kit (Part Number 14-268 listed above) may still be required as it would be on most any head after a proper valve job has been performed. Kit includes 16 hardened steel retainers and a set of 32 hardened keepers. Fits all 1970-1977 350-455 heads originally equipped with rotators.

Currently Unavailable
Valve Rotator Eliminator Kit
olds 350 455 Valve Rotator Eliminator Kit