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Used Engine Parts

We have a continually rotating inventory of used engine components or "cores". Blocks, heads, cranks, intake manifolds, tin, etc. Because these are used engine parts, we cannot guarantee their constant availability. And therefore cannot assign them a part number. Please call with your needs. Keep in mind however, W-30, W-31 castings were rare even when new. Used ones just don't come through as often as they did years ago. To insure quality, all used engine parts receive a thorough inspection before they go out our door. All are stripped down to their bare castings, hot tanked, magnafluxed and fully examined. This way you are always assured of getting a quality part. This also assures you of an accurate description of the part before you purchase. No B.S. And no surprises when you receive your order. In order to guarantee the condition of each component, we do not sell any used complete engines or used short block assemblies. Price always depends on condition. Therefore we cannot have any set prices on used engine parts. Please call for availability and description. Prices quoted at the time of your call apply to current inventory. With the exception of blocks, all other used engine parts can be shipped via U.P.S. Blocks must shipped via truck. Shipping prices for cataloged items listed here and in the back of our catalog do not apply to used engine parts. Call 503-641-1442 for used engine parts information.

Used Engine Parts Dept
Oldsmobile Cutlass and Oldsmobile 442 Engine Parts