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Engine Components

Rebuilding your engine can be one of the more expensive aspects of your Rocket Project. Component selection is critical for performance and longevity. And there are many choices available when it comes time to rebuild. Some of the items we list are our own products. This is because either no aftermarket part is available. Or because there is no quality aftermarket part available. For some applications we've found that even "name brand" parts are not always the best choice. Long ago, we came to the conclusion that what's inside the box is more important than the label on the box. Sometimes this costs more - sometimes less. Our bottom line concern is offering the best parts available for your Rocket. We've spent over 25 years (and many dollars) testing brands and combinations of parts to find out which ones work and which ones don't in an Oldsmobile engine. And yes, we've built some grenades along the way. The positive results of our research are listed here by part number. The result is the best value for your Rocket. Ask around. Our reputation is well known as a leader in Cutlass and 4-4-2 mechanical parts. But beware of imitators. In an obvious attempt to create an association with OUR products, another supplier of Cutlass/4-4-2 parts even went as far as to produce a virtual duplicate of our catalog! While there will always be "wannabes", you can always trust Supercars Unlimited to provide the best for your Rocket.

Piston Ring Sets
File-Fit Piston Ring Sets
Connecting Rod Bearings
Main Bearing Sets
Harmonic Balancers
Oil Pumps, Screens, Shafts
Oil Pans
Engine Oil Dipsticks, Dipstick Tubes
Oil Pan Drain Plugs
Oil Fill Tube
Oil Filter Mounting Housing
Main Cap Bolt, Stud Kits
Connecting Rod Bolts
Timing Cover, Timing Indicator
Timing Chain, Gear Sets
Valve Lifters
Cam Bearing Sets
Adjustable Pushrod Sets
Valve Springs, Retainers, Keepers
Intake Valves
Exhaust Valves
High Performance Valves
Rocker Arms and Components
Adjustable Rocker Arm Kits
Valve Covers
Valve Guides
Flywheels, Ring Gears - Manual Transmission
Flex-Plate Assemblies (Flywheels) Auto Trans
Freeze Plug Kits
Engine Paint
Engine Brackets
Misc. Engine Fasteners
Engine Rebuild Kits
Oldsmobile Cutlass and Oldsmobile 442 parts