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Weatherstrip & Rubber Parts

In Section 50-, we have compiled an extensive listing of weatherstrip and rubber parts. All are premium direct replacements of the original part. No universals as available elsewhere. For weatherstripping we carry Metro Moulded Parts Supersoft line. Our experience has shown this to be a superior product over other available weatherstripping. Metro makes all their weatherstripping in the U.S., and all are ozone and UV resistant using the latest compounds. Guaranteed to last with a 15 year warranty! We have found Metro's attention to detail also surpasses others on the market. All feature the original shape and molded ends. Their Supersoft weatherstripping also offers another bonus not found in other brands. You will be able to shut your doors after installation! ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Holiday Coupe Or Sport Coupe? Throughout this section we will refer to "Holiday Coupe" or "Sport Coupe". Sport Coupes are often called "post coupes". Because they feature a post between the door and rear side glass. This post stays in place when all side glass is down. Sport Coupes have a metal framework running the perimeter of the door glass. Holiday Coupes have only a roll up seal and a small piece of chrome dividing the door glass and rear side glass. No divider is visible when the door and rear side glass is down. If you are still unsure of which model you are working on, just have your VIN ready when you call to order.

Moulded Door Weatherstrips
Moulded Roof Rail Weatherstrips
Convertible Pillar Post Weatherstrips
Convertible Top Bow To Header Seal
Convertible Top Weatherstrip Kit
Window Roll-Up Seals (Quarter Glass Seals)
Glass Channel
Vent Window Seal Kits
Window Sweeper Sets (Fuzzies)
Trunk Tailgate Weatherstrip Seal
Cowl Lace Weatherstrip
Weatherstrip Adhesive
Windshield Ribbon Sealer Kit
Door Handle Gaskets And Lock Cylinder Gaskets
Steering Column To Firewall Seal
Convertible Quarter Panel Seals
Door Jamb Seals
Door Bumpers
Hood To Fender Bumper
Hood Adjustment Bumpers
Trunk Bumpers
Fuel Door Bumpers
Oldsmobile Cutlass and Oldsmobile 442 parts