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W-27 Aluminum Differential Covers

Our W-27 aluminum rear end covers are exact reproductions of the originals. In addition to lowering the operating temperature of the differential, these covers just plain look cool! Covers include gasket and all required bolts.

DescriptionPhotosItem NumberPriceQuantity 
12 Bolt O Axle W-27 Cover
1970 (Also fits all 1967-1970 Oldsmobile 12 bolt O axles).

Click here for photo 46-072 139.95
10 Bolt W-27 Cover
1971-1972 (Also fits all 1973-1975 10 bolt non C type rear ends).

Click here for photo 46-074 139.95
12 Bolt C Axle W-27 Cover
1964-1970 12 bolt C axle (Incl. 1968-1969 Canadian built 4-4-2).

Click here for photo 46-126 139.95
Oldsmobile Cutlass and Olds 442 Olds Finned Rear End Cover