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Valve Lifters

Premium quality hydraulic lifters. Sold per each. 16 required. US Made! (except when noted).

DescriptionPhotosItem NumberPriceQuantity 
330 65-67. Lifter

14-086 4.99
350 68-80. Lifter

14-086 4.99
400 65. Lifter

14-086 4.99
400 66-67. Lifter
66-67 400 Hydraulic lifters - set of 16. When we ran out of US made .921" lifters several years ago, due to issues with the imported ones, we really had no choice other than to discontinue them. We're pleased to announce that we now have US made .921" lifters back in stock!

Click here for photo 14-088 299.95
Gambler 14-088 Lifter
66-67 400 Hydraulic lifters - set of 16. When we decided to stop selling the imported .921 lifters, we still had several sets on the shelf. For those looking to take a chance and save some bucks, here's an opportunity. The issue with the imported ones wasn't metallurgy related (we experienced zero issues in that regard), but rather the issue was with the restrictor (or rather, a lack of) inside the lifter. This issue struck about one in 64 or so lifters. This restrictor issue becomes immediately evident when priming the engine - with oil shooting out of a pushrod/rocker arm across your shop! While you'll know if there is an issue with the lifter before ever even starting your engine, also know that (obviously) we offer no warranty or guarantee in any way, shape or form on these 14-088G lifters. Nor are they returnable .

14-088G 149.95 They're all GONE!
400 68-69. Lifter

14-086 4.99
403 77-79. Lifter

14-086 4.99
455 68-76. Lifter

14-086 4.99
Speed-Pro Hydraulic Lifters
Speed-Pro high performance valve lifters require a means of valve adjustment (Such as our adjustable pushrods or rocker arm kits), as a .0015 to .002 valve clearance must be obtained. Sold per each. 16 req. Fits all 65-80 330 thru 455 (except 66-67 400).

14-178 8.49
Oldsmobile Cutlass and Olds 442 330 350 400 455 hydraulic valve lifter