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Sway Bar Kits

These high performance anti-sway bars will dramatically improve handling over stock equipment. Complete kits include all mounting hardware. All part numbers listed are a bolt on design, and will require no permanent modifications to vehicle. Note: 73-77 rear bar kit (02-254) may require minor drilling in control arms.

DescriptionPhotosItem NumberPriceQuantity 
64-77 Front HP Sway Bar Kit
64-77 All models. Front kit. 1 5/16" diameter. Kit includes all mounting hardware.

Click here for photo 02-102 279.95
64-72 Rear HP Sway Bar Kit
This 1" bar will substantially improve handling in applications without a factory rear bar and will provide a noticeable improvement over a factory bar. Fits all 1964-1972 applications including station wagons. Very easy installation - bolts directly into the stock location. No modifications required! Kit includes all mounting hardware required to attach to either the original boxed style or non boxed (standard Cutlass) style lower control arms.

Click here for photo 02-104 219.95
64-72 OEM Style Rear Sway Bar
Original GM style rear bar as used on all 4-4-2's and models with FE2 suspension. Will also fit all other 64-72 Cutlass models and wagons when used with original boxed lower arms or our box kit listed below.

Click here for photo 02-252 169.95
73-77 Rear HP Sway Bar Kit
1 1/8" diameter (may require drilling).

02-254 279.95
Lower Control Arm Box Kit
This kit converts standard three sided Cutlass rear lower control arms to the boxed arms just like originally used on 4-4-2’s. Will need to be welded into your original arms. Kit includes inserts for both lower arms - one kit required per car.

Click here for photo 02-256 29.95
Rear Sway Bar Shim Kit
Shims are sometimes required when installing original rear sway bars. Correct shape and configuration of the original factory shims. Four piece kit for all 1964-1972 applications.

Click here for photo 54-142 19.95
Sway Bar Bolt Kit
This complete kit includes all bolts and lock nuts required to attach a stock rear sway bar to the lower control arms.

Click here for photo 54-144 14.95
Oldsmobile Cutlass and Olds 442 Front And Rear Sway Bars and Sway Bar Kits.