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Reverse Lights / Lockout Linkage

Beginning in 1969 with locking steering columns as an anti-theft device, manual transmission cars needed to be in reverse and automatic cars in park in order to remove the ignition key. While sometimes frustrating, this linkage was often disconnected and discarded in manual trans applications. But without it, there is nothing to activate the reverse (backup) lights on MT (or 71-72 console AT) applications. We offer correct reproductions of the components needed for the reverse / park column lockout to function.

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Reverse Lights - Ignition Lockout Linkage
69-72 Reverse lock-out linkage. Fits ALL 69-72 manual transmission applications, and all 69-72 console automatic applications.

Click here for photo 46-266 99.95
Manual Trans Reverse Lockout Linkage
Linkage to connect ALL 69-72 manual transmission applications to 46-266 listed above.

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Olds Cutlass 442 Reverse Light Linkage