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Reconditioned Harmonic Balancers

All reconditioned harmonic balancers are disassembled, castings are thermal normalized (to eliminate stress points), shot peened (to equalize external hardness), any striped threads are repaired and timing mark is indexed to crank keyway. High temperature silicone is then injected between the castings, and then platinum cured. A carbon steel seal saver is installed. In stock for the listings below. We can rebuild others not listed (W-31's, 330's, etc.). Call (503-641-1442) for details. Also see additional harmonic balancer listings in the "Engine Components" section.

DescriptionPhotosItem NumberPriceQuantity 
65-67 400 Harmonic Balancer
Reconditioned original harmonic balancers are now in stock for 1965-1967 400's. Due to the very limited supply of rebuildable cores, these are sold on an exchange basis ONLY. We will need your balancer before we ship.

16-022 169.95 Please Call
68-76 455 Harmonic Balancer
Reconditioned original 455 harmonic balancers are now available. Sold on an exchange basis. See Core Deposit listed below.

16-024 169.95 Please Call
16-024 Core Deposit.

16-024C 20.00 Please Call

Core Information

Some of the remanufactured products we list are sold on an exchange basis. These parts have what is known as a "core charge" (or core "deposit"). Any item requiring a core deposit has the charge indicated with the part number. You can pay the appropriate deposit when you order. Or you can avoid paying the core deposit by sending your cores in with your order. Cores returned after purchase must be received by us no later than 60 days of receipt for a full refund. Fifty percent of core value will be refunded on any core received after 60 days. All core returns must be shipped pre-paid. We cannot accept any returned cores shipped C.O.D. Any core deposit paid on a credit card will be credited to that account. Please include all current card information. Be sure to follow specific core info listed along with the part. Cores MUST be returned in original mfg. Box.
Oldsmobile Cutlass and Olds 442 330 350 400 455 Harmonic Balancer Vibration Damper