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Rear Axle Bearings

Sold per axle. Two required per car. All include lock ring when required. For differential identification, see our Diff ID section While most of the bearings we sell are still US made, there are no longer any US manufactures producing any of the axle bearings listed below. But as you can always expect from us, we will continue to supply the best bearings we can find for these applications.

DescriptionPhotosItem NumberPriceQuantity 
64-67 Axle Bearing
1964-1967 All axles - except Vista Cruiser (press-on).

10-016 42.95
64-65 Axle Bearing
Vista Cruiser (Press-on). Currently unavailable.

10-076 0.00 Currently Unavailable.
66-68 Axle Bearing
Vista Cruiser (press-on). Call or e-mail for availability.

10-062 0.00 Currently Unavailable.
68-69 Axle Bearing
1968-1969 All "O" axle except Vista Cruiser (press-on).

10-016 42.95
68-69 Axle Bearing
1968-1969 All "C" axle (C-clip).

10-058 24.49
69-72 Axle Bearing
1969-1972 Vista Cruiser (press-on).

10-068 51.99
70-76 Axle Bearing
1970-1976 All with "B" or "O" axle except Vista Cruiser (press-on).

10-014 38.99
73-77 Axle Bearing
1973-1977 All with "C" axle except Vista Cruiser (c-clip).

10-058 24.49
77 Axle Bearing
1977 All with 8.5" ring gear (press-on).

10-014 38.99
Oldsmobile Cutlass and Olds 442 Rear wheel axle bearing