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Pre-Formed Heater Hose

Correct reproductions of the original pre-formed heater hose that connects the heater core to the back of the intake manifold. EXACT DUPLICATES. Don't loose valuable show points with ugly universal hose!

DescriptionPhotosItem NumberPriceQuantity 
66-67 Preformed Heater Hose
1966-1967 All with 400 without A/C. Exact reproduction of original.

Click here for photo 32-208 37.49
66-67 Rear Heater Hose Clamps
These are the proper, original style clamps that were used on both ends of the 32-208 heater hose on all 1966-1967 4-4-2's with or without A/C.

Click here for photo 54-128 3.49
66-67 Heater Hose Clamp Pliers
This tool provides the proper amount of tightness and proper style crimp on our original style 54-066 heater hose clamps.

Click here for photo 60-402 39.95
68-72 Preformed Heater Hose
68-72 All 400, 455 without A/C. Exact reproduction of original big block hose. Can also be used on 350 engines (w/o A/C), with only a slight difference from original small block hose.

Click here for photo 32-196 37.49
73-75 Preformed Heater Hose
73-75 All V8 without A/C.

Click here for photo 32-198 28.49
Oldsmobile Cutlass and Olds 442 Heater Hose