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Pinion Flanges

Brand new, premium quality U-Joint to differential companion flanges.

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64-67 10 Bolt Pinion Flange
64-67 10 bolt B or P Axle (8.2" ring gear). Includes our 54-092 U-bolt kit and 46-152 pinion gear lock nut and washer. Back in stock!

Click here for photo 46-160 149.95
67-70 12 bolt O Axle Pinion Flange
This premium quality cast iron pinion flange is a direct replacement of the original. Fits all 1967-1970 Oldsmobile 12 bolt O axle rears. Includes our 54-092 U-bolt kit and 46-152 pinion gear locknut and washer.

Click here for photo 46-246 149.95
64-74 12 Bolt C Axle. Stock Replacement Pinion Flange
1964-1974 12 Bolt C Axle.

Click here for photo 46-164 99.95
64-74 12 Bolt C Axle HP Pinion Flange
High Perf, Heavy Duty forged steel flange. Accepts standard size Chevy u-joint.

18-124 159.95
Chevelle 12 Bolt Adaptor Flange
This high performance, heavy duty billet steel U Joint adapter flange allows you to use the larger Olds U-Joints when installing a 12 bolt Chevelle (C Axle) rear end under your 1964-1972 Cutlass or 4-4-2!

Click here for photo 18-126 159.95
71-75 10 bolt O Axle Pinion Flange
OEM replacement flange fits all 1971-1975 10 Bolt rears.

46-166 119.95
Oldsmobile Cutlass and Olds 442 Differential Pinion Flange