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Pilot Bearing Adapter

Our pilot bearing adapter is an innovative way to convert an automatic crankshaft for use with a manual transmission. Until now you had to have an expensive factory M/T crank. Or have an automatic crank machined to accept a pilot bearing. This required removing the crank from the engine. An in-car conversion is now possible. By using the torque converter ring of the crank, our adapter bearing (not a bushing) assures the input shaft is dead centered with the crank. Installation requires only minor shortening of the input shaft or drilling a dead hole in the back of the crank (can be done with common shop tools). Instructions included.

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Pilot Bearing Adapter
Fits all 1964-1977 260 thru 455 engines.

10-070 59.95
Oldsmobile Cutlass and Olds 442 Olds V8 Rear Crankshaft Bearing