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Oil Pumps, Screens & Shafts

DescriptionPhotosItem NumberPriceQuantity 
Standard Oil Pump
Fits all 1964-1983 V8 (except Toronado pan). Less pickup screen.

14-090 79.95
Standard Toronado Oil Pump
Fits all 1964-1983 V8 using a Toronado oil pan. Includes pickup screen assembly.

14-180 94.49
High Volume Oil Pump
Fits all 1964-1983 V8. For use with all stock type pans (except Toronado). Includes bolt-on screen assembly.

14-092 132.95
Pick Up Screen Assembly
Standard press-in pick up screen fits all 1964-1983 V8 standard pumps and oil pans (except Toronado pan).

Click here for photo 14-182 25.95
Oil Pump Drive Shaft
OE style oil pump to distributor intermediate shaft. Fits all 1964-1983 V8.

14-094 14.95
High Performance Oil Pump Drive Shaft
Recommended for use with high volume oil pumps and/or high RPM applications. This high performance oil pump / distributor shaft is machined from 4130 chrome moly with heat treated ends to eliminate distortion and breakage. Fits all 1964-1977 V8.

18-104 39.95
Oldsmobile Cutlass and Olds 442 330 350 400 455 Oil Pump High Volume Pump Pickup Screen Drive Shaft