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Misc. Differential Parts

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Pinion Gear Lock Nut.
Differential U-Joint companion flange to pinion gear lock nut. Fits all 1966-1977 10 and 12 bolt rear ends (except 68-69 "C" Type).

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Pinion Shaft
This is the center shaft (sometimes called "Pin") located between the differential pinion gears. Fits all 1967-1970 12 bolt O axles and all 71-77 10 bolt O axles (open or Anti-Spin).

Click here for photo 46-142 39.95
Pinion Shaft Bolt
This is the special bolt that holds the pinion shaft (above) into the carrier. Fits all 1967-1970 12 Bolt O axles and 71-77 10 Bolt O style rears - open or Anti-Spin.

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Rear Axle Rubber Bumpers
Attached to differential. Fits all 1964-7192 applications except 1964-1967 4-4-2. Sold per each. Two required per car.

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Anti-Spin Differential Tag.
Correct reproduction of the metal tag that attaches to the housing cover. All 1964-1977 models with Anti-Spin.

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Anti Spin Warning Trunk Sticker
For all 1964-1972 models with Anti-Spin.

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Oldsmobile Cutlass and Olds 442 Differential Rear End Parts