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Ignition Components Point Type Ignition

Genuine Delco components.

DescriptionPhotosItem NumberPriceQuantity 
Points Set.
64-74 All V8. (standard set).

34-262 21.49
Points Set.
64-74 All V8. ("unitized" points/cond. set).

34-264 39.99
64-74 All V8.

34-266 7.49
64-74 All V8.

34-260 6.99
64-74 All V8.

34-258 19.99
Accel Cap, Rotor Kit
Accel high performance cap and rotors offer superior protection from "arc-thru" and crossfire. Features 60k V rated alkyd compound, stress relieved at molding to ensure stability. Brass inserts and steel rotor springs provide for high spark energy flow. Fits all 64-74 V8.

Click here for photo 18-080 49.49
64-74 All V8.

Click here for photo 34-268 49.99
Coil Bracket
Exact reproduction of the original coil mounting bracket as used on all 1964-1974 V8 applications.

Click here for photo 34-364 32.00
Distributor Primary Lead
Distributor to negative coil terminal. All 64-74 V8 point systems.

34-292 10.99
Coil Capacitor
Sometimes called a "condenser", this R.F.I. capacitor was used on all 64-72 applications except models with UHV. Correct reproduction with proper markings.

Click here for photo 40-064 26.95
Oldsmobile Cutlass and Olds 442