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Front Brake Rotors

For vehicles with front disc and rear drum brakes. Maunal or power assist. All include hub. All items listed are sold per each. Lug nuts listed are standard nuts. See Super Stock wheel section for more listings. Rotors include studs. U.S. or Canadian made (whenever possible).

DescriptionPhotosItem NumberPriceQuantity 
67-68 Front Brake Rotor
67-68 All models. Correct two piece design exactly as original.

Click here for photo 06-306 189.95
69 Front Brake Rotor
69 All models. NOTE: Original 1969 rotors were a two piece design. This is a one piece replacement style.

06-282 139.95
70 Front Brake Rotor
70 All models. NOTE: Some early 1970 models used two piece rotors. This one piece design will replace either style used in 1970.

06-024 139.95
71-72 Front Brake Rotor
71-72 All models.

06-024 139.95
73-77 Front Brake Rotor
73-77 All models.

06-026 69.95
Wheel Stud.
For all 06-282 and 06-024 listings above. Sold per each. 5 req. per rotor.

06-010 1.99
Wheel Stud.
For all 06-026 listings above. Sold per each. 5 req. per rotor.

06-012 1.99
Lug Nuts.
Standard lug nut for all above listings. Sold per each. 5 req. per rotor/wheel.

06-014 1.49
Oldsmobile Cutlass and Olds 442 Front Brake Rotor