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Axle Shafts

Brand new axle shafts are now available! These premium shafts are inductive heat treated 1541-H steel forgings with cut (not rolled) splines. Resulting in a 25% stronger axle than a factory unit. (Except #46-174 which is a standard grade replacement axle). All include standard 7/16" studs. Bearing and retainer flange not included. Price is per axle. Applications listed do not include wagons.

DescriptionPhotosItem NumberPriceQuantity 
66-67 B or P Axle Shaft 28 Spline
Fits all 1966 and 1967 B or P 10 bolt rears.

46-182 229.95
67-68 All 12 Bolt O Axle Shaft. 31 Spline
Fits all 1967-1968 12 Bolt O axle rear ends (31 spline axles were used on models with factory 3.42-5.00 gears).

46-180 279.95
67-69 All 12 Bolt O Axle Shaft. 28 Spline.
28 Spline Axle shaft fits all 1967-1969 Oldsmobile 12 Bolt O axle rear ends (except 1967-1968 models originally equipped with 3.42-5.00 gears - those use the 31 spline axles listed above).

46-182 229.95
28 Spline Standard Axle.
Fits ALL 46-182 applications listed above. This is a standard original equipment grade replacement style axle - not a high performance axle.

46-174 189.95
1970 All 12 Bolt O Axle
Fits all 1970 12 bolt O axle including W-27. 28 spline.

46-184 229.95
Axle Retaining Flange
4 bolt axle retaining flange. Fits all 64-69 B and P 10 bolt and all 67-69 12 bolt O axles. Sold per each - 2 required per car.

Click here for photo 46-186 22.49
Axle Retainer Flange Gasket
64-70 Axle retainer flange gasket. Sold per axle - two used per car. Also used for brake backing plate to differential housing. Sold per each - two used per car. (A total of four of this gasket are used per car).

Click here for photo 20-124 2.99
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