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Air Cleaner To Valve Cover Grommets and Tubes

All are correct reproductions of the original grommets. For crankcase breathers and PCV valves, see Emission section.

DescriptionPhotosItem NumberPriceQuantity 
PCV Valve Grommet
Valve cover grommet for PCV valve. All 66-77 V8.

28-056 8.99
Breather Grommet
Crankcase breather canister to valve cover grommet. For all 66-77 V8 (will not fit 1968).

28-058 8.99
Air Cleaner Plug
This rubber plug covers the crankcase breather hole on 70 W-31's and most 70-72 W-25 applications.

28-064 8.99
Breather Grommet
This grommet connects the top of the breather to the metal air cleaner tube on all 69-77 V8's.

28-062 8.99
Air Cleaner Housing Grommet
Attached to the air cleaner housing, this grommet connects the metal tube to the housing. Used on most 69-up V8's.

28-060 19.99
Metal Breather Tube
Correct reproduction of the metal tube that connects 28-062 to 28-060. Fits all 69-72 400 and 455 applications (including models with Force-Air)

Click here for photo 28-068 19.49
Oldsmobile Cutlass and Olds 442 Rubber Air Cleaner Grommet Crankcase Breather Grommet Metal Tube