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Adjustable Pushrod Sets

Proper - and critical hydraulic lifter preload can be obtained by adding adjustability to an otherwise nonadjustable Olds valve train, For applications requiring a means of adjustment or geometry correction due to different base circle cams, surfaced heads and/or blocks, different thickness head gaskets, incorrect valve stem heights, etc. we offer these premium sets. In addition to adjustability, all are oil restricted (.040") to ensure adequate bottom end oiling. All sets are 5/16" diameter, so no machining or grinding is required for installation. All are sold as sets of 16. Instructions included.

DescriptionPhotosItem NumberPriceQuantity 
330-350 Adjustable Push Rod Set
330-350 1964-1977 All models.

18-134 229.95
400 Adjustable Push Rod Set
400 1965 All models.

18-140 229.95
400 Adjustable Push Rod Set
400 1966-1967 All models.

18-136 229.95
400-455 Adjustable Push Rod Set
400-455 1968-1976 All models.

18-138 229.95
Oldsmobile Cutlass and Olds 442 330 350 400 455 Adjustable Pushrods Push Rods